Savour Texas: The Dad’s Chili Mix Throwdown

Chili. One of the most popular ‘comfort foods’ in the United States it’s a huge crowd pleaser no matter where you go or whatever the occasion. A meal in itself, with a cold bottle of beer at the ready Chili might just be the perfect food.

Of course the for every person that loves chili there’s a different opinion about exactly who’s chili is the best and, maybe more importantly, the hottest. The debate can certainly get very fiery at times because, especially among food bloggers, everyone believes that their Chili is the best brings the most heat.

Not only that but, just to make things even more difficult, there are literally hundreds of chili cook-offs held every year around the country making it extremely difficult to say who’s recipe is the very best.

Deep in the heart of Texas that argument is about to get scorching hot too. Savour Texas: The Dad’s Chili Mix Throwdown is bringing together 4 of the top Food Bloggers in Texas for a red-hot chili cook-off that’s sure to be the talk of the town for ages to come. The difference with this chili cook-off? All 4 bloggers will be using a pre-made mix called Dad’s Chili mix, a product sold on the excellent website Ladles to Linens, and the sky’s the limit on what they can create with it.

They all have their different take on one of America’s favorite foods too and, even though they’re all comrades in arms, when it comes to chili things can get (pardon the pun) a little heated.

There’s Jen from Juanita’s Cocina. Jen believes that food is life (and vice versa) and her eclectic blog site even looks like a big bowl of the stuff (after everyone has dug in and had their fill). Look for Jen to bring a chili concoction that looks good.

Over at The Unorthodox Epicure Adam is sure to do something a little zany with Dad’s Chili (and be proud of it too). His recipe is sure to be different just for the sake of being different. Maybe a cold chili similar to gazpacho. Call it Chilpacho.

Christine from Texana’s Kitchen grew up around southern cooking at her Granny’s side and is sure to bring her adoration of food to bear on Dad’s Chili mix, as well as some homespun meanderings because, well, she does love to talk.

Finally there’s Jason from Griffin’ s Grub who appears to have an odd fascination with hotdogs but is sure to bring something special to the chili mix. He’s a fan of the Green Egg BBQ but, as chili isn’t exactly something you make on a grill, should have his work cut out for him to bring a little diversity to Dad’s Chili.

No matter which of these fine Foodies you favor they’re all sure to bring their Chili game face to the throwdown. So come on down, meet the guys and gals who cook better than you and like to brag about it, and get your mouth around some of the best Chili this side of Tijuana. It’s Savour Texas: The Dad’s Chili Mix Throwdown sponsored by Dad’s Chili Mix and Ladles to Linens.

If you love Chili, and you love to listen to wannabe chef’s talk about it till they’re red, white and blue in the face, you won’t want to miss it!

VOTE for your favorite recipe. Visit each of the competitors blog posts and choose the recipe that sounds best to you and will most likely try. Don’t forget to enter to win the Nordic Ware Dutch Oven Giveaway.


Sodastream Genesis Starter Kit Giveaway!

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Construction Plate & Utensils Make Eating Dinner Fun For Kids

Fun for kids

Owning a Kitchen shop, I get to try out all the fun new gadgets we carry. This time, I persuaded my husband to give it a shot (he’s a good sport).

Now you have to picture this in your mind, a 50+ year old man sitting down to dinner, his peas, mashed potatoes and meat (I had to cut the meat for him because the utensils don’t come with a knife) all separated by the plate dividers. In one hand the Bull Dozer Pusher and in the other hand the Front Loader Spoon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown man have so much fun eating dinner. He did draw the line when I wanted to take a picture while he was Bull Dozing peas into the Front Loader Spoon. His official review, 2 thumbs up. He said, “These would be great for kids learning to eat on their own, and it is a lot of fun”. He wished he would have had this when he was little.

The Construction Plate and Set of 3 Construction Utensils are sold separately. It does come in a little girl’s version, the Garden Plate and Set of 3 Garden Utensils.

They are all dishwasher and microwave safe. No paints are used to color the plate. The plate and utensils are manufactured using only FDA approved materials. We have third-party certification that our Plates and Utensils contains NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates.  All of Constructive Eating’s products are fully compliant with the CPSIA of 2008.

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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker Giveaway

What do you get when you cross a roulette wheel with a bartender? No, not a drink that makes your head spin. It’s the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker. Try the I Feel Lucky button a super-cool feature that’s guaranteed to crank any party into high gear. Just hit the button, and it will happily suggest a drink. Keep spinning until you land on the drink you desire. But that’s not the only talent of the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker. It has the exceptional ability to whip up 48 different kinds of perfectly mixed cocktails, which cover about any drink you could possibly imagine. It can even pour a heavy hand for you. Simply flip the Drink Strength switch and out comes a strong pour. How’s that for service? No tip necessary. MSRP: $399.00USD. Must be 21 or older and live in the Continental US.

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The Taco Plate, Set Of 5

As Seen on The Today Show. The Taco Plate will  revolutionize Mexican meals with your family.  Once you have used The  Taco Plate, you will not be able to return to normal flat plates. The Taco Plate holds three (3) hard shell or soft shell tacos upright, making your tacos easier to fix and easier to eat.  The Taco Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe and will last your family for years.Not only does The Taco Plate allow you to eat your tacos more effectively, the sturdy design allows you to fix your tacos directly on the plate so you don’t burn your fingers or spill your tacos. Set of 5: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange. The Taco Plate is also grease and stain resistant.

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

The patented Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or (for the first time ever at home) flavored core pops. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer. The kit includes six durable, reusable plastic pop sticks that have unique ridged designs that allow pops to adhere securely, with special drip guards for tidy eating. A specially designed Super Tool helps to quickly release the frozen treats from their molds. The unit can make up to 9 pops before refreezing the unit again. Includes 1 Quick Pop Maker, 6 sticks, 6 drip guards, and 1 Super Tool. Dimensions: 8″ x 4.25″ x 4.5″ BPA and phthalate free. Watch Video

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Sour Cream Apple Pie

2 Tbs flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup sour cream
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups peeled and diced apples
1 15oz pkg. Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup butter
  1. Bake pie shell according to package directions.

  2. In a large bowl mix first 8 ingredients. Pour into baked pie shell. Bake at 400° F for 15 minutes, reduce heat to 350° F and bake for 30 minutes more.

For Topping:
  1. Combine sugar, flour and cinnamon in bowl and mix well. Cut in butter until crumbly.

  2. When pie has finished baking sprinkle mixture over pie and bake at 400° F for 10 more minutes.

Servings: 8

Velveeta and Sausage Cheese Dip

This is a new spin on an old classic. Instead of ground beef I use sausage (spicy) and condensed milk. The combination of the two you get a salty and sweet taste which are great. The old Velveeta dip is hard enough to stop eating, this one’s almost impossible. ENJOY!

3 lbs Velveeta Cheese
2 lbs Jimmy Dean Sausage
2 Jalapeños (seeded and chopped)
2 cans Rotel with Chilies
4 oz Condensed Milk
1 bag Frito's (Scoops)

Cook sausage and drain. Pour the Rotel into the skillet with the sausage and add the jalapeno. Simmer until heated through. Microwave cheese slowly until melted, add condensed milk. Stir. Add the sausage mixture to the cheese and stir to combine. Serve with Frito’s “Scoops”.

Breakfast Sausage Strudel

Sorry there’s no picture, but trust me, this strudel on a Sunday morning is the perfect way to start the day. Careful, it is VERY filling. You can make these ahead of time and freeze in foil unbaked, just take them out the night before and place in the refrigerator to thaw.

1 lb sausage
1 lb mushrooms, sliced  
3 Tbs butter  
pinch garlic powder  
2 Tbs chopped onions  
1 Tbs oil  
8 oz cream cheese, softened  
1 box puff pastry
  1. Preheat oven to 400° F.
  2. Thaw Puff Pastry according to directions on box.
  3. Brown sausage and drain.
  4. Cook onions, mushrooms and garlic powder in oil and butter. Cook until all liquid has evaporated.
  5. Mix sausage, mushrooms, onions and cream cheese in bowl until cream cheese has been incorporated
  6. Place about 2 cups of sausage mixture at one end of puff pastry. Roll once then fold ends end and continue to roll, (burrito style).
  7. Repeat above step with second sheet of puff pastry.
  8. Place seam side down on cookie sheet and bake until brown.

Servings: 6

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